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  • Friend: 15
  • Gold: 52
  • Blue: 51
  • Red: 108

Friend Vouchers: 26

GFS Olympus: 2

  • Juggle the training drone 20 times
  • Close the emergency hatch before the Marine is sucked into space

Norion: 1

  • Escape from Meta Ridley without taking damage during the Morph Ball scene

Bryyo: 4

  • Use the shortcut in Gel Cave
  • Kill a Reptilicus by freezing it after it has thrown its boomerang
  • Pull all 3 switches in North Jungle Court without letting a Flying Pirate reset one
  • Find Bryyo Ice

Elysia: 3

  • In Skybridge Hera, let the bridge collapse without killing any bots on it
  • Kill 3 Steambots with one boostball shot
  • Find Eastern Sky Town

Pirate Homeworld: 3

  • Destroy the Phazon Harvester Drone
  • Kill 20 Commando Pirates
  • Shoot the Leviathan's eyes in the terminal several times

GFS Valhalla: 1

  • See the secret Aurora message in the same room as the Priate Codes

Miscellaneous: 12

  • Kill 100 enemies
  • Kill 200 enemies
  • Kill 300 enemies
  • Kill 400 enemies
  • Kill 500 enemies
  • Kill 600 enemies
  • Kill 700 enemies
  • Kill 800 enemies
  • Kill 900 enemies
  • Kill 1000 enemies
  • In any phazon seed, kill all the insects crawling around the landing pit
  • On any planet, kill an Aerotrooper with your grapple beam. It must be on fire before this can be done

Gold Tokens: 52

GFS Olympus: 3

  • Juggle the training drone 10 times
  • Defeat Beserker Lord on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Beserker Lord on Hypermode

Norion: 4

  • Defeat Meta Ridley on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Meta Ridley on Hypermode
  • Defeat Metroid Hatcher on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Metroid Hatcher on Hypermode

Bryyo: 11

  • Destroy Eastern Energy Signature
  • Destroy Western Energy Signature
  • Defeat Korakk Beast on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Korakk Beast on Hypermode
  • Defeat Rundas on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Rundas on Hypermode
  • Defeat Mogenar on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Mogenar on Hypermode
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Gel Processing Site
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Jousting Field
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Grand Court

Elysia: 14

  • Destroy the Seed's Shield
  • Defeat Steamlord on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Steamlord on Hypermode
  • Defeat Defense Drone on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Defense Drone on Hypermode
  • Defeat Ghor on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Ghor on Hypermode
  • Defeat Beserker Lord on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Beserker Lord on Hypermode
  • Defeat Helios on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Helios on Hypermode
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Construction Bay
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Hoverplat Docking Site
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Concourse Ventilation

Pirate Homeworld: 14

  • Destroy Pirate Defense System
  • Keep all 12 Federation Demolition Soldiers alive
  • Defeat Gandrayda on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Gandrayda on Hypermode
  • Defeat Metroid Hatcher on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Metroid Hatcher on Hypermode
  • Defeat Pirate Commander on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Pirate Commander on Hypermode
  • Defeat Omega Ridley on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Omega Ridley on Hypermode
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Proving Grounds
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Transit Station 0204
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Phazon Harvesting
  • Kill a Red Phaazoid in Metroid Creche

GFS Valhalla: 2

  • Defeat Metroid Hatcher on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Metroid Hatcher on Hypermode

Phaaze: 4

  • Repulse Dark Samus on Normal/Veteran
  • Repulse Dark Samus on Hypermode
  • Defeat Aurora Unit 313 on Normal/Veteran
  • Defeat Aurora Unit 313 on Hypermode

Non Scannable Blue Tokens: 3

GFS Olympus: 3

  • Save the Marines in Xenoresearch Labs
  • Save the Marine in Port Observation Deck
  • Save the Marine in Repair Bay Shaft

Scannable Blue Tokens: 48

GFS Olympus: 3

  • Olympus-Class Battleship (Security Station) *Always*
  • Phazon (Lab Delta) *Always*
  • Phazon Enhancement Device (Lab Delta) *Always*

Norion: 7

  • Hunter Rundas (Docking Hub Alpha) *Always*
  • Hunter Ghor (Munitions Storage) *Always*
  • Hunter Gandrayda (Munitions Storage) *Always*
  • Valhalla Incident (Munitions Storage) *Always*
  • Planet Bryyo (Data Storage) *Always*
  • Skytown (Data Storage) *Always*
  • Planet Norion (Cargo Dock B) *Always*

Bryyo: 12

  • Golden Age (Reliquary II) *Always*
  • Age of Science (Grand Court) *Always*
  • Age of Schim (Main Lift) *Always*
  • Age of War (Gel Processing Site) *Always*
  • Downfall (Eastern Generator) *Always*
  • The Hunted (Western Generator) *Always*
  • Prophecy (Refinery Access) *Always*
  • Our Plea (Imperial Caverns) *Always*
  • Salvation (Hidden Court Hall) *Always*
  • Victory (Hall of Golems) *Always*
  • Decline (Colossus Vista) *Always*
  • Struggle of Exiles (Burrow) *Always*

Elysia: 12

  • The Creators (Main Docking Bay) *Always*
  • Gift (Arrival Station) *Always*
  • Discovery (Barracks Lift) *Always*
  • Slumber (Ballista Lift) *Always*
  • Alone (Landing Site A) *Always*
  • Federation (Maintenance Shaft TR) *Always*
  • Agreement (Landing Site B) *Always*
  • Aurora (Broekn Lift) *Always*
  • Loss (Concourse Access B) *Always*
  • Defeat (Powerworks) *Always*
  • Phazon (Construction Bay) *Always*
  • Invader (Hoverplat Docking Site) *Always*

Pirate Homeworld: 12

  • Our Mission (Lift Hub) *Always*
  • Stowaway (Command Station) *Always*
  • First Disciples (Processing Access) *Always*
  • The Source Discovered (Airshaft) *Always*
  • The Leviathan (Transit Station 1-A) *Always*
  • Taking Valhalla (Creche Transit) *Always*
  • Disaster at Elysia Command Courtyard) *Always*
  • Purification (Skyway Access) *Always*
  • Vanguard (Mine Lift) *Always*
  • Victory and Loss (Drill Shaft 3) *Always*
  • Bryyo Falls (Phazon Mine Entry) *Always*
  • Mistress Gandrayda (Transit Tunnel P70) *Always*

GFS Valhalla: 2

  • Tallon IV Incident (Stairwell) *Always*
  • Anthur Incident (Control Room) *Always*

Red Tokens: 108

GFS Olympus: 15

  • Aeromine (Repair Bay Shaft) *Limited*
  • Armored Pirate Militia (Xenoresearch Lab) *Limited*
  • Beserker Lord (Docking Bay 5) *Limited*
  • Crawlmine (Xenoresearch Lab) *Always*
  • Crawltank (Xenoresearch Lab) *Always*
  • Federation Marine (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Female Fleet Trooper (Docking Bay Access) *Limited*
  • Fleet Admiral Dane (Flag Bridge) *ONCE*
  • Fleet Mechanic (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Halberd-Class Turret (Docking Bay 5) *Limited*
  • Hunter Ghor (Security Station) *Limited*
  • Male Fleet Trooper (Docking Bay Access) *Limited*
  • Pirate Militia (Flag Bridge Access) *Limited*
  • Space Pirate Boarding Pod (Port Observation Deck) *Limited*
  • Training Drone (Docking Bay 5) *ONCE*

Norion: 15

  • Aerotrooper (Cargo Dock A) *Limited*
  • Federation PED Marine (Cargo Dock A) *Limited*
  • Hopping Metroid (Cargo Dock B) *Limited*
  • Hunter Gandrayda (Tower Elevator) *ONCE*
  • Hunter Rundas (Tower Elevator) *ONCE*
  • Jolly Roger Drone (Generator A) *Limited*
  • Jumpmine (Conduit A) *Limited*
  • Liquid Phazon (Conduit B) *Always*
  • Meta Ridley (Generator Shaft) *ONCE*
  • Metroid Hatcher (Generator B) *Limited*
  • Pirate Trooper (Cargo Dock A) *Limited*
  • Phazon Grub (Conduit B) *Always*
  • Space Pirate ATC (Cargo Dock A) *Limited*
  • Shield Pirate Militia (Cargo Dock A) *Limited*
  • Shield Pirate Trooper (Conduit A) *Limited*

Bryyo: 33

  • Advanced Shield Trooper (Temple of Bryyo) *Limited*
  • Advanced Pirate Trooper (Ancient Courtyard) Limited*
  • Alpha Hopper (Gateway Hall) *Always*
  • Armored Aerotrooper (Temple of Bryyo) *ONCE*
  • Armored Pirate Trooper (Temple of Bryyo) *Limited*
  • Assault Pirate Trooper (Ancient Courtyard) Limited*
  • Atomic (GFS Theseus) *Limited*
  • Beserker Knight (Ancient Courtyard) *Limited*
  • Bryyonian Shriekbat (Gateway) *Always*
  • Fargul Hatcher (Hall of Golems) *Always*
  • Fargul Wasp (Hall of Golems) *Always*
  • Geemer (Reliquary II) *Always*
  • Gelbug (Temple Access) *Always*
  • Gel Puffer (Gateway) *Always*
  • Gel Ray (Temple Resevoir) *Always*
  • Gragnol (Gateway Hall) *Always*
  • Gragnol Adult (Crash Site) *Always*
  • Hopper (Gateway) *Always*
  • Korba (Hillside Vista) *Always*
  • Korakk Beast (Jousting Field) *ONCE*
  • Mogenar (Leviathan Core) *ONCE*
  • Nightbarb (Cliffside Airdock) *Always*
  • Phazon Nightbarb (Gateway) *Always*
  • Phazon Pillbug (Gel Processing Site) *Always*
  • Pirate Hussar (Jousting Field) *ONCE*
  • Remorse-Class Turret (Generator Hall South) *Always*
  • Reptilicus (Grand Court Path) *Always*
  • Reptilicus Hunter (Grand Court) *Limited*
  • Rundas (Temple of Bryyo) *ONCE*
  • Scorch Bug (Temple Resevoir) *Always*
  • Shelbug (Grand Court Path) *Always*
  • Snatcher (Hillside Vista) *Always*
  • Warp Hound (Gel Processing Site) *Always*

Elysia: 23

  • Advanced Aerotrooper (Chozo Observatory) *Limited*
  • Aerial Repair Drone (Main Docking Bay) *Always*
  • Armored Shield Trooper (Spire) *ONCE*
  • Aurora Unit 217 (Aurora Chamber) *Always*
  • Databot (Main Docking Bay) *Always*
  • Defense Drone (Ballista Storage) *ONCE*
  • Dragoon Battle Drone (Skybridge Hera) *Always*
  • Elysian Shriekbat (Main Docking Access) *Always*
  • Ghor (Main Docking Bay) *ONCE*
  • Helios (Leviathan Core) *ONCE*
  • Phaazoid (Hoverplat Docking Site) *Always*
  • Phazon Metroid (Xenoresearch B) *Always*
  • Phazon Leech (Landing Site C) *Limited*
  • Red Phaazoid (Hoverplat Docking Site) *Limited*
  • Repair Drone (Aurora Lift) *Always*
  • Steambot (Steambot Barracks) *Limited*
  • Steamlord (Barracks Access) *Limited*
  • Sky Puffer (Maintenance Shaft RU) *Always*
  • Space Pirate Assualt Skiff (Spire) *ONCE*
  • Steamspider (Xenoresearch B) *Always*
  • Swarmbot (Gearworks) *Always*
  • Tinbot (Arrival Station) *Always*
  • Transportation Drone (Main Docking Bay) *Always*

Pirate Homeworld: 12

  • Assault Aerotrooper (Craneyard) *ONCE*
  • Assault Shield Trooper (Metroid Processing) *Limited*
  • Commando Pirate (Scrapvault) *Limited*
  • Demolition Trooper (Skyway Access) *Limited*
  • Gandrayda (Proving Grounds) *ONCE*
  • Phazon Harvester Drone (Phazon Harvesting) *Limited*
  • Pirate Cargo Drone (Landing Site Bravo) *Always*
  • Pirate Commander (Transit Station Leviathan) *ONCE*
  • Puffer Mine (Airshaft) *Limited*
  • Scritter (Courtyard Passage) *Always*
  • Omega Ridley (Leviathan Core) *ONCE*
  • Urtragian Shriekbat (Scrapvault) *Limited*

GFS Valhalla: 4

  • Miniroid (Hangar A Access) *Always*
  • Phaz-Ing (Security Station) *Always*
  • Phazon Hopper (Xenoresearch Lab) *Always*
  • Phazon Shriekbat (Hangar A Access) *Limited*

Phaaze: 6

  • Aurora Unit 313 (Sanctum) *ONCE*
  • Dark Samus (Sanctum) *ONCE*
  • Jelsac (Hangar A Access) *Limited*
  • Leviathan Infant (Genesis Chamber) *ONCE*
  • Phazon Puffer (Cavern Beta Access) *Limited*
  • Tangle Weed (Drop Shaft) *ONCE*

Research: 47 (Not Counted)

GFS Olympus: 8

  • Blast Shield (Docking Bay 4) *Limited*
  • Bomb Slot (Disposal Chamber) *Always*
  • Galactic Federation Blue Door (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Galactic Federation Crate (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Heavy Galactic Federation Crate (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Hunter Class Gunship (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Landing Beacon (Docking Bay 5) *Always*
  • Save Station (Lift Access) *Always*

Norion: 4

  • Mounted Blast Shield (Hub Access) *Limited*
  • Multi-Lock Blast Shield (Cargo Dock B) *ONCE*
  • Red Blast Shield (Conduit A) *Limited*
  • White Blast Shield (Maitenence Station) *Limited*

Bryyo: 18

  • Bryyo Blue Door (Cliffside Airlock) *Always*
  • Bryyo Orange Door (Hidden Court) *Always*
  • Energy Cell (Federation Landing Site) *Limited*
  • Fuel Gel (Fiery Airdock) *Always*
  • Galactic Federation Orange Door (Federation Landing Site) *Always*
  • Grab Ledge (Gel Processing Site) *Always*
  • Grapple Swing Point (Hillside Vista) *Always*
  • Kashh Plant (Cliffside Airlock) *Always*
  • Large Bryyo Coffer (Gateway Hall) *Always*
  • Large Space Pirate Crate (Temple of Bryyo) *Always*
  • Leviathan Door (Bryyo Seed) *Always*
  • Mature Kashh Plant (Cliffside Airlock) *Always*
  • Phazon Fungus (South Jungle Hall) *Always*
  • Ship Grapple Point (Chozo Observatory) *Limited*
  • Small Bryyo Coffer (Gateway Hall) *Always*
  • Space Pirate Blue Door (Generator Hall South) *Always*
  • Space Pirate Crate (Temple of Bryyo) *Always*
  • Wall Jump Surface (Imperial Caverns) *Always*

Elysia: 11

  • Half-Pipe (Transit Hub) *Always*
  • Heavy Skytown Storage Unit (Main Docking Bay) *Always*
  • Kinetic Orb Cannon (Transit Hub) *Always*
  • Planet Aether (Chozo Observatory) *Always*
  • Planet Tallon IV (Chozo Observatory) *Always*
  • Skytown Blue Door (Main Docking Bay) *Always*
  • Skytown Storage Unit (Main Docking Bay) *Always*
  • Skytown Orange Door (Security Station) *Always*
  • Spider Ball Track (Powerworks) *Always*
  • Spinner (Ballista Storage) *Limited*
  • Zipline Cable (Zipline Station Alpha) *Always*

Pirate Homeworld: 3

  • Heavy Phazon Canister (Landing Site Bravo) *Always*
  • Space Pirate Blue Door (Lift Hub) *Always*
  • Space Pirate Orange Door (Defense Access) *Always*

GFS Valhalla: 1

  • Galactic Federation Green Door (Valhalla) *Always*

Phaaze: 2

  • Phaaze Door (Landing Site) *Always*
  • Black Phazon Crystals (Cavern Alpha) *Limited*