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Miscellaneous Tricks

GFS Olympus

Discovered by SkippyJr

Docking Bay 4/Security Station You can abort Gohr's security scan. Immediately as the door to Security Station opens, head back towards the previous room so that it gets dumped (the exact spot is about the second bend in the wall, near the door - listen to the Wii DVD drive). Head back and reload the room.

Video by craztad - trick is at around 1:40:

Appendage by Samus Rox

Actually the spot is the first metal bar that sticks out, just past the corner



Discovered by zell99

Gateway Hall - Coming from your ship the first time through, since Gateway takes awhile to load (5+ secs) shoot the door, and while the room is loading turn around and grapple-pull the statue. You'll need it to climb up on your way back later, but here you wont lose time since you're waiting for the room to load.

Bryyo Hangar Bay - Small timesaver, in Bryyo Hangar Bay (where you upgrade your ship) To climb up to the console, you can skip grapple-pulling that one ledge out of the wall. After you jumped up the green ledge, you can space-jump directly to the morph-ball platform on the right. The jump is kind of tight but doable. Video

Imperial Hall - After your first trip, you can morphball through the whole room (it's right by Fiery Airdock) by spring jumping over the pools of fuel gel. Hug the right wall to make your life easier, you can roll along most of the gel and jumps are easy. Spring ball up the ramp after.

Discovered by Andrew Mills

Gel Refinery Site - To go into the next room (Main Lift) you can simply ghetto jump up to the ledge rather than shooting two charge shots into the gel thingy. There is a small railing on the ground toward the left and you can use that to ghetto up to the platform. Additional note: you can also simply jump on the ledge between the 2 gel thingies then jump to the door.

Discovered by Fano7

Grand Court - On your way back from getting the Grapple Swing, you can use two bsj to get back up to the door. The first bsj avoids going up and around to use the grapple swing. The 2nd one avoids grapple pulling 2 panels out and using the morph ball tunnel.

Video of 2nd bsj to skip morphball tunnel

Discovered by Paraxade

Gateway - You can skip half the puzzle in this room. Get on the platform with the yellow morphball tunnel, do a bsj to get up to the platform above.Video

Generator Hall North - Use a ghetto jump to get to the 2nd turret backwards. It can also be done using a bsj. Note: after doing this generator, you cannot cross directly to the 1st generator; triggering the battle will lock you in the room. You can, however, go back if you trigger the fight before destroying the cannon.

Ghetto jump video

Locked into the room video

Hangar Bay - You can use a 2BSJ to skip the elevator. Video

Grand Court - During the Reptilicus Hunter fight, use the bsjs to get to the door out of the room. Proceed to dump the room, then reload it. You will be able to go on and get Grapple Swing without killing the Reptilicus Hunters.

Discovered by Sigfriedxx

Ruined Shrine - You can skip all of the grapple swings by using a series of BSJs:

Discovered by Arkarian

Gateway (after Screw Attack) : When traveling from Gateway Hall, into Gateway, then into Crash Site, once you Screw Attack from the entrance platform onto the left platform near the Crash Site entrance, you can then SJ, SA once, and land on the ledge. This saves just a wee bit of time; I think it's faster than walking to the shorter portion of the ledge and doing a normal SJ. Probably only useful for 100%.

Discovered by El Padrino

Jungle Generator It is possible to bomb the generator on Thorn Jungle without having to destroy the first turret, just go to the second one via BSJ in Generator Hall North, then destroy the second turret (without triggering the cutscene there or else you'll be stuck and have to restart) and coming back to Jungle Generator, sometimes the "Bomb" icon won't appear when enter, just go through any door (you don't have to dump the room) and come back, the icon should be there now.


Discovered by Samus Rox

Turbine Chamber: When you first go through, BSJ or Ghetto Jump from the doorway onto the platform shown, then Ghetto Jump on the "hut" and fall off, you will respawn on the top of Turbine Chamber, Make the gunship grapple it and away you do. Video, with BSJ:

Discovered by Fano7

Maintenance Shaft CC : Instead of going into the morph ball tunnel, you can screw attack through. It doesn't look like you can, but you are able to. You need to space jump as far as you can and delay the screw attack until you are under (height wise) the piece of equipment. Then, angle yourself to the other platform. Kind of hard to explain. In other words, there is no need for the green ledge and the morph ball tunnel.

Discovered by Paraxade

Hoverplat Docking Site : Space your screw attacks to skip a few platforms.Video

Powerworks : Small trick to skip part of the spider track.Video

Discovered by Andrew Mills

Construction Bay : You can skip dropping the first gate. Drop the last two, then Space Jump over to the middle grapple point and continue normally from there.


Discovered by DJGrenola

Powerworks : Let go off the spiderball to speed up the 2nd half of the long spidertrack / bridge.


Discovered by Arkarian

Maintenance Shaft AU : After getting the Screw Attack, you can skip the Grab Ledge and its animation altogether by SAing to the ledge. Can also be done off the crate on the right: this way you can SA multiple times over both ledges and right to the door.

GFS Valhalla

Discovered by Zelse

Repair Bay : Immediately after entering the room from the main door look to the right and there should be a supply crate. You can use this to make it to the second floor without having to go to the left, through the electricity and up the ramp.

Discovered by Paraxade

Repair Bay : After doing Zelse's trick, do a 1BSJ followed by a screw attack initialization to get on the top floor. [http://files.filefront.com/Repair+Bay+Speed+Trickmp4/;8581592;/fileinfo.html Video

Discovered by Arkarian

Aurora Chamber : A faster way to traverse the room during either the Energy Cell skips or a 100% run. Upon entering the chamber, immediately turn right and Screw Attack toward the elevator platform. You will be able to land on the platform, but once you crash and fall into the abyss you will respawn on the large platform before it. Then you can turn and perform Paraxade's Energy Cell skip (Video) SA from this platform instead.

Pirate Homeworld

Discovered by SkippyJr

Metroid Processing - Skip the panel repair (and slow ride) by using a BSJ+SA to the upper level. You can also use a ghetto + SA off of the tank.

Discovered by Paraxade

Scrapvault - Use a BSJ on the left wall when you enter the room to get up to the platform faster.Video

Command Courtyard - You can get the energy cell without going through the morphball tunnel. Use a 2BSJ followed by a screw attack. Check video for placement.Video


Discovered by Rekameohs

Phaaze - You can avoid the monster that sucks your morph ball form in after the fall by holding up on the analog stick.

Discovered by Arkarian

One of the rooms near the end... : Rather than jumping clockwise from platform to platform to reach the door, you can simply jump to the right off the first platform and perform a relatively easy Screw Attack to reach a lower right-hand platform. Saves a good few seconds.