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Discovered by Prime Hunter

Contributions by BlueGlass, kip, Paraxade

By following this process, you can acquire the Nova Beam without having to collect the Hazard Shield at all!

Command Courtyard (PH Command)

Looking directly at the shield, stand in the bottom right corner and you can barely avoid the rain. Turn to face the terminal and move a fraction of an inch forward directly along the shield, drainig the gate from a safe location.

Just make sure you're as close to the shield as possible when sliding towards the Grapple Voltage terminal, or else YOU WILL take damage from the acid rain.

Video of Trick: (Thanks to kip)

Command Courtyard

Skyway Access (PH Command)

There are three times when a cutscene plays out and puts you directly in the line of acid rain when you control Samus again. They can be a challenge if you're not fully prepared.

Upon entering the room for the 1st time, follow BlueGlass's video and stay on the left wall rather than SAing into the room. This appears to be the only way you can survive to the next segment, since SAing into the room seems to immediately kill you once you gain control again.

Always remember to backup as soon as you gain control each of the three times, or else you will get hit by the acid rain. You lose the most damage going from the 2nd battle to the 3rd battle (Both Clawtanks), so it's best to use the crates in the room to restore all of your energy before blasting the 4th Clawtank and proceeding to the 3rd cutscene.

Once all of the enemies are dead, proceed quickly to the morph ball tunnel and hop in.

Note: By holding down Z when acquiring control of Samus again, it appears you can move out of the acid rain faster than without it, lowering the amount of damage you take after each cutscene. Compare the two vids to see the difference:

Videos of Trick: (Thanks to BlueGlass, Paraxade)

Normal Low%

Hypermode Low% (May need to download to view properly)

Hyper vid contains Z strategy, Normal vid does not.

Mine Lift (PH Mines)

This one's pretty easy. All you need to do is head directly towards the Spiderball track and you'll do fine. The two spinners that lower the elevator so you can continue onward are covered, so no worrying about acid rain there.

Phazon Harvesting (PH Mines)

This one may seem nasty, but for the most part it's smooth sailing.

Turn left while on the end of first platform and space jump into a Screw Attack, if you do it right you can either land on the next level under cover, or else end up terminal falling and being put there otherwise. This skips the first two bridges without worrying about the rain.

The third bridge is more of a vertical distance than horizontal. Jump out onto the bridge about 1/2 way up, and then jump and SA to the other side of the room to get under cover. You're going to be taking some minor rain damage from here to the end, but by moving fast enough you can direct yourself across from the final door after jumping up a little bit without much of a loss.

If you SA across and hit directly to the right of where the 4th bridge connects with the final platform where the door is, after terminal falling it will respawn you right there and under cover. Make sure you get enough height to hit right under the edge, or else you will respawn back on the far side of the room where you started the SA from.

Unfortunately, the Harvester CAN still hit you here, so be alert and avoid taking fire while waiting for the door to open. If possible, you can try to quickly stun it if it looks like it's about to fire at you.

Video of Trick: (Thanks to Paraxade)

Phazon Harvesting (May need to download to view properly)

Main Cavern (PH Mines)

Nothing special here. Defeat the pirates in the mine and obtain the Nova Beam!

Transit Station Leviathan (PH Command)

This is the only other room that you haven't been in with acid rain after collecting the Nova Beam. The rain comes into play after destroying the door leading to the seed. By calling in your ship from a covered area, you will appear directly below it after it lands. Move into the elevator and fly off to Omega Ridley, leaving the Hazard Shield far behind!