Early Missile Expansions

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Discovered by Paraxade, kip

Docking Hub Alpha - Do a roll jump to get across the gap that you normally need Grapple Swing for. According to kip, you can do a roll jump/BSJ to get back. Video


Discovered by Fano7

Bryyo Fire, Imperial Hall - Do a BSJ on top of the first gate. (Don't shoot it.) Then jump to the plasma beam door and go in the morph ball tunnel. Lower the panels and space jump to the expansion.

Discovered by Siegfriedxx

Bryyo Cliffside, Crash Site - Do a roll jump/BSJ and tap the edge of the upper level. When you fall you will respawn on top with the missle expansion.Video

  • Also allows access to the crash site without the grapple swing.

Bryyo Fire, Gel Refinery Site - The whip attack of a Reptilicus can be used as propulsion for a higher jump. Use this to hit a slope and slide up to the second floor. Video

Discovered by Zelse/Alternate method by Samus Rox

Bryyo Cliffside, Hidden Court - You can get an early missile expansion in the hidden court on Bryyo by Ghetto Jumping up to the ledge with the red door and then doing a BSJ or another Ghetto Jump up to the ledge with the expansion. Video, With the Ghetto jump


GFS Valhalla

Discovered by SamusRox,Babysheegoth.

Stairwell - Do a ghetto jump off the pipes in the corner, to your right when you walk in.Video

Pirate Homeworld