Weapon Damages and Refill Values

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Recorded and compiled by:

Ummeiko (who has no life)

A list of damages dealt (per hit) by each weapon. Massive damage will cause each weapon to deal twice the amount of damage.

Beam Weapons

Power Beam115
Dark Beam525 to 30
Light Beam*12 to 138 (close) to 30 (far)
Annihilator Beam535

*Charged light beam does more damage from a distance because the distance allows all five beam to converge and hit the player, as opposed to only a few beams that would hit at close distance.

Other Weapons

Super Missile50
Power Bombs++303 to 309
Death Ball50
Hacker Mode25

+Boost will do 10 damage whether or not it is fully charged.

++Power bombs rapidly deal damage as long as the opponent is within the blast radius. If the Power Bomb is detonated when a player is farther away, it will take longer for it to hit the player, and result in less damage. This usually results in an instant kill, but it is possible to get away with some health left through boosting away or being on the edge of the blast radius when the power bomb is detonated.

+++Turret inflicts 75 damage if hit directly, or if hit by splashback when the turret fire hits a wall.

Refill Values

Purple Energy Refill10
Red Energy Refill30
Super Missile25 Missiles
Light/Dark Beam Ammo50
Annihilator Beam Ammo50 Light and 50 Dark
Power Bomb Expansion^3
Power Bomb Refill^1

^Power bomb expansions come from the black boxes. Power bomb refills are occasionally dropped by a player when she dies.