Watch Station Weirdness

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Discovered by LeCoureur103


Here is some weirdness I found while messing around in Watch Station.

First hop into the morph ball cannon and fire over to the spider tracks. Drop down, spider to the right, and bomb jump up; you're now attached to where you might do a backwards mid-air morph into the bomb slot.

Now, do a double bomb jump while holding up on the control stick, releasing R while doing so. You should blast up and over the spider track, coming to land by the portal. While falling, try unmorphing like crazy. One of three things may happen:

1. Nothing >_>

2. Once you've landed, you will be unable to unmorph, completely stuck in morph ball form. All upgrades that you've collected still work, but pressing the unmorph button simply yields the buzz sound that occurs when you can't unmorph (or fire a missile or several other things). If you roll into the void, you'll respawn unmorphed and everything will be back to normal. I believe the cause of this glitch is that you move from a "no unmorphing" zone (the spider ball tracks) to a "morphing" zone, but somehow bypass the trigger that says you've left the "no unmorphing" zone.

3. You will unmorph, but the camera will be stuck sideways after unmorphing. As in, the sky will be to your left and the ground will be to your right. A terminal fall will fix this problem. This sideways camera glitch is likely producable in other areas/circumstances, but it happened for me twice here so maybe you'll have some luck too :p

From Snytbaggen: It also works by falling down the "tube" in the room, that's how I made it.

From Mikaa:(better explanation)

Where - Watch Station (Sanctuary Fortress) Starting Point - Ammo Expansion Chamber at the Watch Station

Leave via the tube that would deposit you in front of the Portal leading to the dark world. Just before you leave, continually hit the button to de-morph. If you did it right, you should have the screen shift immediately from morph ball to normal. Morph back IMMEDIATELY. If you see yourself in ball mode in part of the tunnel, hit the morph ball button one time. If not, restart. If done right, the screen should be at an odd angle. Can be undone by going back to morph ball mode. Uses for Glitch - Nada that I know of, given that it can be reset.

Another minor Edward Tohr edit: The "sideways camera" glitch happened to me when I was spiderballing around above the portal, released R, and hit the portal, while still falling from the track. This might be an easier way to trigger it, but it also may not.