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It is possible to Space Jump on top of U-mos in the Great Temple. If you are not careful when jumping around while standing on him, it is possible you can be forced into a "secret world". This is the term given for clipping/moving outside of the game map and is used for some advanced sequence breaking.

But, as of yet there is no known way to get back into the "normal world" from this area. And since it is very easy to do, it is worth mentioning that you should only experiment with this with the utmost caution as it is highly possible you will end up forced to restart from your last save.

A demonstration of getting stuck in the "secret world" after jumping off of U-mos


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Note that this might be slightly different from the above SW, but given the similarities, I am posting it here.

I was screwing around with this secret world yesterday. For those who want to attempt it, this is the easiest way I found to enter the world. At the time, I had screw attack. It may be possible to enter the world without, but I have not been able to.

  • Jump onto U-mos's left shoulder (probably the easiest, if not only, place to get on him)
  • Face the door, then turn to your left so that you can see the energy beam just on the left side of your screen. Between the beam and the architecture around the door is a lowered area with a thin bar running horizontally through it. This is where you're aiming for. (I will try to get a picture or drawing soon).
  • Start a space jump, eventually leading to a screw attack. The idea is to be entering the screw attack right as you pass through the bar. DON'T START JUMPING IN SCREW ATTACK MODE. This is the hardest part, but isn't too tricky. One or two tries should do it.</li>
  • If done correctly, the camera will zoom out as if entering screw attack, but you will immediately hit a floor, come out of screw attack, and zoom back in. If done incorrectly, you will either smack into an invisible wall and bounce off or (on less occurrence) freeze Samus as described above.
  • You CAN make it to the ledge without screw attack, but your space jumps must be high and long. I still think the screw attack method is easier, but if this proves to be worthwhile, it can be done earlier in the game.
  • Depending on where you land, you may be able to move around a bit. There are actually two distinct levels on the rim around the world. The upper level is much smaller, and is only in a few parts on the interior edge of the ring. You will probably fall down to the lower level after moving just a little ways.
  • Unlike some SWs, entering morph ball will not cause you to drop rapidly. I believe this is because you are actually IN the ceiling that circles the outside of the room. If you enter morph ball, you can see the borders of a track of sorts. This is the area you can move around in, almost all the way around the room if you want. The archway over the door I have not been able to access from either side.
  • Moving is a little tricky, as you can't simply roll or walk around. In ball mode, the only way to move is to use a bomb jump to push you in one direction or the other. You can bomb out of the lower level, but so far I've only been able to land on the upper level if I did a midair unmorph.
  • It is also possible to move while on foot. On the upper level, you can move and jump freely, but as noted before, the upper level is very small. On the lower level, you must walk around as follows: L-lock your view and hold it. While L-locked, move the stick around until you start moving. The best place I've found is diagonally forward, in either direction. You will slowly move as long as the L-lock is held, until you hit the invisible wall.
  • You can sometimes also make tiny jumps (or larger jumps from the upper level) while in this world, but a word of caution: ENTERING SCREW ATTACK MODE WILL CAUSE SAMUS TO FREEZE. This is how you get the situation where the camera pans back and you see yourself, slightly curled, as if falling. If this happens, there is no way out. Because you are neither in morph ball mode, nor standing, none of the normal motions will work, and you cannot jump out of it. This means a restart (but hopefully you saved in the nearby save station).
  • More thoughts on screw attack freezing Samus. I was screwing around again and at one point was able to more or less see what happened. It has to do with the way Samus rebounds when she hits a wall. When you enter screw attack while in this world, you're already IN the wall - there is wall all around you, so you instantly hit a wall and start to rebound. But the wall holds you, so you can't actually land, so you get stuck in a rebound pose. At least, that's my theory.

As far as getting anywhere from this goes, it's possible to jump out of the SW and into the temple right after you get in, but it doesn't always work and at the moment, I'm not sure exactly at what point you can't jump back. After moving around, I have not been able to get back into the temple. Nor have I been able to jump or bomb jump outside the temple map. However, I know nothing of advanced SW techniques such as wallcrawling and the like. So maybe someone can find a use for this, or a way out. Given how small the upper temple map is, it may or may not be interesting to wander around outside the map.

Extremely Super-Duper Terrifically Small Note By: MMcLean54

This can happen in any secret world.

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