Torvus Bog: Torvus Plaza

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Discovered by: Red Scarlet

By using stickyboost, most of the spider ball puzzle here can be skipped. It's much faster, and bypasses the section with a possible camera glitch.

  • The first boost is at the end of the first section of track. Hold full right stick, then boost. Roll the stick to top-right when you hit the trough. Be ready to correct. (If using this trick to avoid the camera glitch, skip this first boost.)
  • The second boost is at the end of the third (normal route) section of track. Hold full up and boost. Let go of the stick just after the boost starts. Unmorph as you fall. (The timing can take some practice.)
  • Another method to try with the second boost is: Keep holding full up stick, and unmorph about a half-second after boosting (play with the timing).