Temple Grounds: Sacred Path

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Discovered by


  • Ghetto jump off of the white bricks at the base of the tower-onto the top of the War Wasp hive that's on the left wall.
  • Move close to the edge, then do a scan dash to the left (off anything) so that you land on the middle step leading up to the elevator.
  • From here, jump onto the brown rock on the left wall, face the door that you entered from, and use it for another scan dash to the left.
  • You should land on the very top of the plateau area, close to the door to the elevator.

  • Notes:

  • This bypasses the business of morphball cannon/tower/roll down the long track, for time savings of probably 10+ seconds.

Added by DJ Grenola:

Discovered by: Fire Guts

If you're coming from the sacred bridge, space jump onto the War Wasp Hive and you can easily jump right up to the portal to Dark Aether.

Discovered by: $hadow

To get up here with out using dash jumps when you first enter the room, simply go under the center platform and there will be a small piece of debris on the ground, use it to ghetto jump to the next landing to find yet another small piece of debris to ghetto jump of to make it to the door. This shud save alot of time spent scanning and the rest.