Temple Grounds: Path of Eyes

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Notes: With these tricks, you don't need to shoot any of the crystal-powered blocks in Path of Eyes (big, long room on the way to Torvus).

DivX video (DJ Grenola) - original method

  • Jump over the first block's ledge.
  • Ghetto jump over the second ledge that you would normally use a block to reach.
  • For the third, stand on the edge of the platform about a jump's level higher than the water- it's the 2nd lowest above the water level. You'll notice a ring of metal bars running around this circular area. Using the Langle Jump, space jump out and towards these bars. Aim for the SECOND bar away from you, not the first. You can do this on either side. From there, just space jump to the destination, and continue to Torvus, you speedy little demon.

Added by DJ Grenola: the Langle Jump to the bar for the third block is not necessary. If you use the lower platform (the one almost in the water) instead of the higher one, you can merely space jump to the bar.

DivX video (DJ Grenola) - third jump without langle