Temple Grounds: Industrial Site

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Discovered by BoostR

Video here.

Ghetto Jump (you must have forward momentum) onto the first crate in the stack of crates to the left of the huge crate. Then jump to the huge crate, then to the top of the stack. From there, jump to the top of the translator door blocking entrance to Agon.

Yes, this is designed to be used when you first go through here, right after losing all your items and before seeing U-Mos for the first time.

By: I3o0oOoM

Also, (i dont know which is faster) but when you are activating the the big box on the wire thingy, you can also scan the panel which activates the bridge from where the other panel is. Then after the cutscene, you teleport to where youre suppoosed to be when you scan it