Super Missile Locations

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Compiled by:

Ummeiko (who just spent a good two hours screwing around in multiplayer mode)

Here are the locations of the super missiles for each arena.

Sidehopper Station

Note that the super missiles respawn at one of three locations in this arena. There is no known pattern as of now to determine where the missile will respawn.

  • Between the two exterior platforms. Can be reached by using the morph ball cannon to shoot from one platform to another. Can be reached from either side.
  • Under the grapple point in the middle of the interior of the station.
  • On the uppermost exterior level. To reach this level, use interior morphball cannon or grapple hook to reach one of the second level hallways. Jump through a hole in the ceiling, and then jump up one more level once you are outside.

Spider Complex

  • Use the spider ball orb and spider to the opposite side of the orb as the massive damage icon. Boost off of the orb into a small cavern that holds the super missile. Can also be reached by space jumping off of the top of the orb.

Shooting Gallery

  • Under one of the three grapple hooks in the arena. Like Sidehopper Station, there is no known pattern to determine under which it will respawn.


  • In the water, on a ledge halfway between the two tunnel entrances. Look for the pillar supported with metal. Note that gravity boost is needed to reach the ledge.


  • Located in the ring between the two platforms. Reached by using the morphball cannon to shoot from one platform to the other. Can be reached from either side.

Additional Super Missile notes:

  • Super missiles last approximately 15-18 seconds.
  • Super missiles respawn after approximately 15 seconds after the previous super missile has expired.
  • You can hear the super missile respawn from anywhere in the arena. Listen for the same sound made as when you pick up the super missile.
  • Picking up a super missile will give you 25 missiles. Firing a super missile will deplete your missile count by one.
  • Unlike in the game, Super Missiles do not home.