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---- Tricks: Spider Guardian

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kip for his video (that's where I got the screenshots)

Ryu for the application (allowed me to get screenshots of a video)


The first part is pretty easy. Simply bomb the Spider Guardian twice so he turns green, then get to the right side and do a DBJ where the red dots are. That way, you'll reach the bomb slot (yellowish dots) faster than going all the way around to the left.



The easiest way I found to defeat this part is to get on the ledge on the right side and drop down (red dots) laying bombs when the SG is coming towards you. Do that twice and, when he turns green, just boost to the left side, get on the platform and bomb the slot (yellow dots).



This part is really easy if you know what to do. Simply boost on the top part from the left. Drop down the opening and land on the block where the red dots are. When you hug the right wall, SG's shield won't hurt you. You just have to get near the left ledge and lay bombs when he comes by to hurt him. Before he goes away, bomb him a second time to get him green. Then simply fall left on the platform that appeared and bomb the slot (yellow dots).



No special strategy here. I bomb the slots from bottom to top but it doesn't really matter. If you need more time just get back down and bomb the spider guardian again.

TIP: Zoom out while bombing the Guardian. When the slots are activated, zoom in for better precision while bomb jumping to the other slots. This is especially crucial in part 4, where passage on the right side is messed up by perspective when zoomed out, often making you go too far right.

TIP: After triggering the slots bomb the guardian so that he glows red; this makes him go faster, saving you time.


RED: Fast and small, happens when you bomb the Guardian but not enough to trigger the slots.

BLUE: Medium speed and medium size, normal aura

GREEN: Slow and huge, happens when you trigger the slots

More Stage 4 Tips: (Added by Ummeiko but probably found out by many others as well - feel free to edit or remove if desired)

Whenever you bomb the bottom of the three slots, make sure the guardian is to the right of the gate that drops down. If the guardian touches that gate from either side when it is down, all of the gates will be reset. Thus, when bombing more than one slot, it is best to save the bottommost slot for last, to ease up on the amount of time available (especially if your bomb jumps aren't always perfect). If you're fast enough, it doesn't matter the order, but this method gives you a bit more leeway.

It is possible to boost across the gaps on the second and third levels. Do this to save time.

Remember that the Guardian's shield can go through the walls and platforms (especially when he's green), knocking you off course and doing damage. If you're on the second level (where the lowest bomb slot is) the guardian CAN hit you, unless you are above the two spots where the floor dips down and the platforms are thicker.

You don't have to wait till he puts back up his shield to bomb him, simply bomb him while he's stunned. This method is useful in first and last stages tip by: rodent347

If someone ever figures out how to get the Power Bombs before this guy (I'm not sure if it has already been done yet or not), DO NOT USE THEM ON THE GUARDIAN! The Spider Ball Guardian will do that 'incinerated' thing that everything else does when you PB it and it goes away forever without destroying the energy blocker things. You'd be stuck, Spider Ball-less and have to shut off the cube...just like I had to do for the second time...
<vanishes to attempt to make up my lost work for the third time>

If your having trouble with the final 3 pylons try bombing the slots in the order of middle, top, then bottom. After he turns green you bomb jump up to the middle slot, bomb it, and then boost over the gap and bomb the highest one. If you have messed up a jump badly go down to where the gaurdian is and bomb him again to gain time. once u get to the third, roll left and fall to the bottom, bomb jump up one level, and hit the slot when the gaurdian is on the right side of the platform. This might take a few tries, but middle top bottom was the easiest way for me.