Spider Complex

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Discovered By: Mr. Mctroid

You can move from one of the platforms (with the super missiles and stuff) back to the 'spider sphere' by:

- boosting of off the platform towards the sphere and holding R

- (space) jump of off the platform towards the sphere and morph while holding R

I'm sorry to blow your bubble but i'm sure EVERYONE knows this.

Discovered by

Ummeiko... actually, it's probably common knowledge by now...

If you get the Deathball from the hologram atop the orb, your best bet is to stay up there until it wears off. If you fall, you're stuck running around the bottom of the arena and can be easily picked off by anyone on one of the ledges.

Discovered By: Baby Sheegoth

Under the "Spider Sphere" go onto the metal platform and L Jump Or (L-lock Spring Space Jump) onto the Metal "Ring".

Discovered By: Baby Sheegoth

On the metal "Ring", jump onto the crate then L Jump Or (L-lock Spring Space Jump) at the Massive Damage icon to get it quicker.

Discovered By: Gigafrost

It is also possible to acquire the Massive Damage Icon without jumping onto the crate. Although it is significantly trickier to do, it's helpful to know when the crate isn't there.

Discovered By: Chronofrost

You can attach yourself to the "Spider Sphere" without using either of the Kinetic Orb Cannons by jumping from the Metal "Ring" and morphing in the air. It is possible to do without jumping onto the crate but naturally it's easier when you use it.

Discovered by: SamusAranLuver

Just tell one of you opponents and say, "Uh oh--you can get the Massive Damage! I'm outta here!" when they get it, IMMEDIATELY GO TO THE KINETIC ORB CANNON, MORPH, AND SMASH, THEY'RE DEAD.