Skipping the Echo Visor

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Discovered by: Bartendorsparky, LOLaFOL
Confirmed by: Flamancipator

This sequence break requires using tricks in two rooms, as well as secret worlding.

1) Hive Dynamo Access (Discovered by Bartendorsparky)

This involves jumping through a hole in the ceiling of Hive Dynamo Access with the aid of an Ing, going over the echo visor barrier from outside the map, and then returning to the map in Hive Gyro Chamber.

DivX video: complete demonstration (DJ Grenola)

Here are the things to note about this trick, in order of execution.

  • First off, notice that it is done easily in the video with no energy tanks, so time isn't a problem for low percent.
  • Don't shoot the light beacon in the middle of the room. The Ing don't like light, and it so happens that the light beacon is exactly where you need the Ing to be.
  • Getting the Ing in the right place is difficult. Hiding in the little alcove by the light beam door (see the start of the video) and waiting for it to assume liquid form (listen for the noise it makes) is probably the best way. Once it's liquid, get out of the alcove and try to approach it as it reaches the light beacon in the centre of the room. If you're lucky, it will assume solid form right under the hole in the ceiling.
  • If the Ing won't play, return to the alcove and wait for it to assume liquid form again. Once you've only got 70 or so health remaining, you really ought to give up, go back through the light beam door and heal in the safe zone.
  • Once the Ing is in the right place, space jump onto its head and then space jump again into the secret world. The hole in the roof and the place where the Ing tends to stand are such that you usually need to jump straight up with your first jump and then forwards with your space jump.
  • Two things can happen now - either you're standing on a "legitimate" platform or you're standing on a "sticky" one. Try to jump up and then space jump to the right. If you can't, you're stuck. In most cases you can fix this by strafing right until you reach a legitimate bit of graphic, and then space jump up and right from there. In the video, this was accomplished cleanly.
  • Your space jump should pin you to a sticky vertical wall. Hold up and right into the wall, morph, and then while still pushing into the wall, bomb jump your way up to the roof. You should unmorph once you're clear of the sticky graphics. You should now be standing on the ceiling of the room.
  • Run back along the ceiling towards the light beam door by which you came in. This ensures that Hive Gyro Chamber is fully removed from the Gamecube's memory, which is the way we need it. Now turn round and, using your map if necessary, point yourself directly at the light beam door beyond the echo visor barrier that leads to Hive Gyro Chamber.
  • This is the tricky bit. You need to run towards the light beam door leading to Hive Gyro Chamber, morph as you reach the end of the ceiling, fall in morphball form to just beyond that door, and then unmorph at a point which is completely inside Hive Gyro Chamber, while the room's boundaries load around you. You also need to be quick about it - there is no time to stop and get your bearings, and don't even think about consulting the map, or you'll be stuck outside the room with no way of getting in. What makes it hard is the fact that the morphball accelerates as it falls, so by the time you have fallen the required distance, you are travelling at such a speed that a slight error of judgement in when you need to unmorph will strand you above or below the map for good.
    It is possible to nail this perfectly, so that you are completely within the map when the room's (invisible) boundaries finish loading and pop into existence. In the video, it wasn't quite perfect. Samus ended up stuck in a wall when the room loaded, and you will see that the game morphed her again. You need to watch out for this, and have a finger ready on the X button. If you don't unmorph again immediately, there's a good chance that you will fall through the floor and end up stranded under the map (possibly a long, long way under the map). In the case of the video, the game actually enforced the morph ball twice, and X was pressed twice to counter it.
  • Turn around and have a look at the door. If you did it right, the door should be right in front of you, as in the video. It should be obvious straight away as to whether you're inside the room, above it, or below it. Provided you're inside the room, all you need to do now is to make the room visible by walking to the door and pressing yourself against it.

2) Skipping the Ing Hive Keys (Discovered by LOLaFOL)