Shooting Gallery

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Discovered By: SamusAranLuver
Contributors: The Wong & Yum Bros.

Here's something you can do while you and your two family or friends are all trying to kill one of your annoying opponents (the target).

Decide which person is taking which part. You'll need 3 players.
1. This player will have the Dark Beam.
2. This player will man the Turret.
3. This player will have the Power Bomb, and will also guard the Bomb Slot so the target can't reach it.
When the annoying player is near Player 1, he will freeze the target with the Dark Beam and Player 2 will blast him with the Turret. If the annoying player gets too close to the slot, then Player 1 will freeze him. At the same time, Player 2 will have to get off the Turret. By the time Players 1 & 2 escape, the annoying player will be freed and Player 3 will Power Bomb him!

(This was planned out by me when my brother, and cousin, and I were trying to kill our annyoing little cousin.)

Discovered by: Baby Sheegoth

in the "Room" with the Turret, to reach the second level do an L Jump off the ledge onto the platform

Added by Dark Samus

Want to get rid of somone who kills anyone who tries to get to the Bomb Slot and is in the turret? The Grapple beam is very effective because you will be hard to hit.

Discovered by: SheeEttin

When somone is in the Turret and refuses to get out, you have three options:

  • Try and Boost up the ramp to get behind him without himm blowing you into oblivion first,
  • Doing a DBJ up in front of the Turret, where the Turret can't shoot, or
  • Lining up one of the supports of the upper levels with the Turret the attacking person can't hit you and humiliatingly taking him out with uncharged Power Beam shots.