Seeker Missiles before Amorbis/Boost Guardian

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Discovered by: Bartendorsparky, Metronome'd, SuikunRules

- First, do a ghetto jump or TRHbj off of the right side of the half-pipe in Meeting Grounds to get onto the War Wasp hive. From the hive, jump to the tunnel and proceed as usual. You must have enough speed to get over the crumbling blocks. One consistant way i found to do this: roll forward until the camera changes into a side view, then back to the closing door, and finally, hold down to roll quickly, then transistion to right when the camera returns to the side view.

- Once in Hall of the Honored Dead, you must manipulate the spinners to turn. To do this, enter the spinner and lay a bomb. Hold up so you stay inside. Immediately before you lock in place again, press down-left (at different angles). It may also help to press 'r', and maybe 'l'. After countless tries, and with severe luck, the block should turn enough to get locked into the next position. Continue this until all spinners are in place.

Getting into Hall of the Honored Dead
Manipulating the spinners

Cr@73n's edit: I didn't know where else to put this, so here goes: There's just one obstacle (I think) to getting seekers right, and I mean RIGHT after your ship crashes. In the landing site, you'll notice all the blocks. If you scan one, it says something about an offline power unit. Look at the ground and you'll see the tracks these blocks are on. At the ends of some of the tracks are little dark blocks. Find the ledge that's usually just a little too high for a normal double jump. Back to the blocks, the landing site is one of the few rooms in the game, maybe the only one, where these blocks have height. You can use these to do a ghetto jump up to the ledge. You'll notice that the Luminoth isn't there. Why, I don't know. Must have a related cause to the GFMC Compound thing. Anyways, the only obstacle to getting seekers (and a possible 102% game, I might add) is a super missle door. You've got the boost ball, so you can manipulate the spinners. You could also open the seeker door from the inside. Then, even if you lost the seekers in the first encounter with Dark Samus, you could get them again as soon as you have double jump. Anyways, check it out. Oh, one other idea. If you can do a really complicated bs bomb jump (I think) two rooms away from seekers, you might be able to get in to morph ball slot like that.

Cr@73n's 2nd edit: One more thing, I've almost ghetto'd into the bomb tunnel on the left of the door. I can't do morphs real well, but maybe someone else can get a good (perfect?) morph into the tunnel. I've been able to stall myself on the edge of it for about a second at most, but I'm not consitent enough to do that every time, so most of my morphs end up just dropping me. Oh well.