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I was messing around in the third room in torvus bog, when i did a screw attack from the dark beam door to the main section of the room, and there was air underwater. i could screw attack and everything, but i went into morphball, and when the camera went back under the water-line, everything was back to normal again. I have been able to reproduce this glitch four times, there is a [ Video now]

That video was by Sigfriedxx, thank you for making that!


it is possible to now do it in other rooms, which other people have the credit for discovering that those rooms could be used in a possible no-gravity boost run. feel free to post those room videos here, with credit to the maker

Update: (1/25/06)

This glitch allows Screw Attack Underwater. It was thought early on that it could perhaps negate the effect of water on jumping, morphball bomb jumping, etc. This could have been very useful. Unfortunately it turned out the glitch only allows SA underwater. SAU also removes the ability to use Gravity Boost as a side effect. SAU also works in dark water (with Light Suit). It has been performed in every room where it could possibly work.

SAU is usually initiated by morphing (Screw Attack is a type of morph) at water level.

The glitch can also be performed at the vertical boundaries of the water. These exist only underwater or in the secret world. Morphing while moving through the boundary can initiate the glitch in this situation. SAU can be carried from room to room this way. This glitch has also occurred seemingly randomly below water. Perhaps a vertical edge?

At this time SAU is only useful for a few secret world possibilities.

  • The rubble forming the stairway in Catacombs exhibits signs of a possible SA SW entrance (forced morphs, stickiness, loss of beam weapon control, etc) when screw attacked from the right position. This is no guarantee, but ...
  • Alternate SA SW entrances to Transit Tunnels West and East may be possible from Training Chamber using the glitch. (The Lore holder on the East side can be used for a quick morph at waterline.)
  • If you get frustrated with trying to "drill" the tunnel in TTE, take it out on a Dark Blogg.
  • :^) XviD video (outside link)

Note: DivX player (recent) should decode most of these XviD encodes. (Most have DIVX or DX50 fourcc's.) Smart players (recent) should decode all the vids using the XviD codec (recent).

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