Sanctuary Fortress: Sanctuary Entrance

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Discovered by

Fire Guts

A trick that at least halves the time it takes to traverse the broken bridge with the spiderball.

This trick can only be performed coming from the Power Junction and heading through the Sanctuary Entrance, in the direction of Temple Transport Access. Turn to your right and jump into the kinetic orb cannon. It will fire you onto a ring that you can choose to go down or up depending on the spiderball track you choose. Take the upward path to the platform where the Vigilance turret is. Unmorph, and face the Temple Transport Access. Space jump in that direction, aiming to land as far along the bridge's remaining support (big black suspension cable) as you can. You can't stand on this, but it will let you travel forward and pick a direction to slide off, so hold up-left and you will land on the broken piece of the bridge's walkway. Quickly jump forward onto the main ground, as you can't stand on that piece long without sliding off into a terminal fall.

  • Note: this trick is only useful once the bridge has already been destroyed, and prior to acquiring the Screw Attack.

Added By Dark Samus

when ou first come here there will be alot of commandos[not dark ones] at 1st use charged dark beam/missle but when theres alot and i mean ALOT use the DarkBurst