Sanctuary Fortress: Reactor Core

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Speed Tricks: Reactor Core

Discovered by

zell99, LeCoureur103

Video: [[1]]

  • This trick allows you to skip most of the platforms used to climb this room.
  • From the bottom, jump onto the first, then second platforms.
  • Turn around, and space jump up to the platform above you.
  • Jump backwards onto the next platform, then forwards and come out at the top.


  • This trick allows you to skip most of the Spider Ball puzzle that's in this room.
  • On the top level of the room, get yourself underneath the lowest Spider Ball globe. Do a 3bj up while holding R to connect to the bottom of the globe. Climb around to the top, and unmorph.
  • From here, jump to the center structure (making sure not to get too close to the center which will zap you), then go around it until you have the Energy Tank right in front of you. Space Jump and mid-air morph so that you grab the track right above the tank with the Spider Ball, and pick it up.

Vid (outside link)

Added by: doninss

  • An alternate way up to the "center structure" is to BSJ onto the lowest short cylinder on the outside wall, then jump over. - DivX video (doninss)
  • Another alternative is to just use the cannon and spider-ball to climb to the first spider globe outside the central core. Spider to the top of the globe, unmorph, and jump over. (No special techniques needed.)

  • An alternative way from the central structure to the tank is to just screw attack into the hole from the center structure. - DivX Video (doninss)
  • Another alternative is to jump at the track, instant morph, and roll into the hole that holds the tank. - DivX video (doninss)
    Hmm, BSJ + instant morph = tank without spyder = early energy tank. Note: Need video of complete trick.

  • Another way (easiest) to get the early energy tank (first time thru the room) is to use the Rezbit to jump to the roof, then instant morph and roll into the hole. - Vid (outside link)