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Boss Tricks: Quadraxis

Discovered by

BoostR, Sullichin

  • In the first stage, use two charged Light Beam shots to quickly destroy each knee. Don't even bother with the feet.
  • Note, however, that each red sensor on the foot, when boosted into or bombed, gives you a 100 energy refill.
  • Turn on your echo visor and shoot the big antennae ON THE BODY with a Super Missile or two. After it retracts focus on the head and fire shots into one of his three antennae. When he is not stunned, repeat until all antennae are destroyed.
  • ALTERNATE STRATEGY: During the second stage, Screw Attack the TOP of the body antennae. To do this, stand on a leg, then ghetto backwards while facing the antennae. For each of the three antennae on his head, a charged Light Beam shot and two regular shots will suffice.

  • Added by Prime Hunter
  • As far as I know, you don't have to Ghetto onto the legs to take out the antennae: As long as you get good height off of your Screw Attacks, you should be able to hit the bottom of it and do enough damage.

  • Note by DJ Grenola:
  • If you're fighting Quadraxis with no Echo Visor, bear in mind that the vulnerable spot on each head antennae seems to be slightly in front of where you'd expect it to be.

  • In the final stage, one fully charged Light Beam shot will stun the head. Then Spider Ball up the legs and boost onto the head while it passes. Be sure to HOLD THE R BUTTON or you will not stick to the head! Bomb one of the slots, then repeat for the other. BOOM!

Added by Gendreavus
If going for 100% scans, don't bother scanning the detached legs until after you kill Quadraxis, but before getting the annihilator beam. the legs are still scannable after beating his head.

Thought up by Short Circuit, confirmed by CHuB: During the second stage of the fight, you can use Seeker Missiles to end the stage in one round instead of three. You have to deal some damage to each antanna before Seeker-ing and you have to have all three antannae equidistant from you for it to work. Video needed.