Psychedelic Door Glitch

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Encountered by

Coco-kun, Samochan, DJ Grenola

Having restarted from a save just before Dark Samus 1, this happened:

DivX (DJ Grenola)

I think it's quite pretty, myself.

It seems that this can be reproduced by dying or committing suicide on the Dark Samus 1 fight (thanks to Samochan for this):

"So you got to fight DS normally, but you have to let yourself die on the fight. First make her go to her second phase, so she'll start to use Supers and Shinespark at you. Don't worry about damage. Take hits so you have about 20-10 energy left. There are many ways to do this, but I find this one to be most reliable one. In order to make this, have at least one of those big tanks there, then wait for DS to Shinespark close to one. Once she has shinesparked, you can push her puddle around without taking damage a while, so now all you have to do is to push her to that big canister so it explodes and you'll die. It has also happened when Coco was killed in a Morph ball mode by Supers and when he accidentally burned himself to death. When you die, continue from your last save and if you have made it successfully, every door now has a very weird "being shot" -effect. It resembles a colorful fizzing tv-screen and looks pretty weird."

There is a pun in here somewhere regarding the psychedelic Doors (1960s band fronted by Jim Morrison with an appetite for hallucinogens) and these psychedelic doors. However, I think some jokes are better left untold.