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Discovered By: EVERYBODY

You can use the Gravity Boost underwater.

Discovered by: Player's Guide

You can boost down the ramps leading to the water.

Discovered by: Forcemaster (Roy on the forums)

If you come from the dry part of the pipeline, go down the ramps into the water at your favourite way (i love boosting there), then you are in the underwater art, there are the ledges where you stand on when you come out of the "tubes" right? Well, morph, boost of one of the ledges into the deep part, then immediatly hit X to unmorph, while you unmorph hold b,and samus should start using her gravity boost to float up withouth her cannon sticking out for a few seconds,i can make it much faster to the other side of the area by using that :)

"Discovered" by: SheeEttin

There are Super Missiles in every area. No, you say? There aren't any in Pipeline? There are. Leaving the "dry" area via the passageways will end you up on a ledge overlooking the whole area. Turn towards where the "dry" area would be, and notice a small ledge behind a large wall. If you Gravity Boost onto this ledge, you will see the Super Missiles right in front of you. Blast away--and don't tell anyone they're there.