Multiplayer Extras With Action Replay

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Multiplayer Extras with an Action Replay

Info from Mikaa (

NOTE - ALL of the following requires an Action Replay (or, presumably, a Game Shark), and the proper codes for the items.

I found these quirks while I had the Action Replay codes active and switched from a standard game to Multiplayer. Thus far, none of the following cause the game to crash. Oddly enough, some of the items work so well in Multiplayer, one wonders why they weren't implimented.

Dark Suit

Crash? - No.

Visual Effect? - None.

Sound Effect(s)? - None.

Notes - This presumably lessens the damage you take against your foes.

Light Suit

Crash? - No.

Visual Effects? - None.

Sound Effects? - None.

Notes - This presumably lessens the damage like the Dark Suit. This suit prevents the damage of the dark water in the "Cannon" level.


Crash? - No.

Visual Effects? - You Look Like Steel.

Sound Effects? - Nada.

Notes - This cheat actually opperates differietnly in Multiplayer than the normal game. For one, you still take damage for a set period of time, then resets to the full health. You CAN kill your foe, especially with the Massive Damage and the Super Missile.

Seeker Missile

Crash? - No.

Visual Effects? - When you use the Lock-on and hold the missile button while tracking a foe, the normal Seeker charge graphics appear.

Sound Effects? - I might be wrong, but I don't remember any sounds while doing this.

Notes - Like most of the suit enhancements, this opperates like the normal item, with one notable difference - up to THREE missiles can be fired at once.

Screw Attack

Crash? - Nope, thank heavens.

Visual Effects? - The MP2:Echoes Screw Attack.

Sound Effects? - None. Yes, nothing. You launch into the jumping mode, and you will see yourself vaulting through the air, but none of the sound effects for it will play.

Notes - This opperates just like the normal Screw Attack, sans the sound effects. One key note, though - If you manage to hit your target solidly enough (ie - how much of a direct hit), this can be a one-hit kill.

(Above written by Mikaa) Action Replay Mini-games