Mining Plaza

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Discovered by: tjp7154

NOTE: Video Suggested

You can get to the top of the large Amorbis statue in the center of the room. The requirements are the space jump and that you don't deactivate any of the sonic emitters.

  • Space jump or ghetto jump onto the top of the framework supporting the bottom solar lens in the group of 3 right next to the large statue.
  • Work your way up to the top solar lens.
  • From the top-most solar lens, space jump up to the top of the support wall, staying toward the left side, or ghetto jump up using the wall itself. You won't be able to land on top of the wall if you are toward the center or right side.
  • Once on top, just walk up toward the center of the top of the statue, being careful not to stray too far to the left or right, or you'll slide off the statue.

- I don't have to resources for a video, but here's a diagram that hopefully helps: Diagram