Messed-up Screw Attack Animation

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Added by: tjp7154

You can make Samus' screw attack animation mess up by doing an instant unmorph followed by a falling screw attack.

To do it:

- Go into the morph ball.

- Roll off a high ledge. Make sure the camera is right behind you. If it isn't, press up while going into the morph ball as this will put the camera behind Samus.

- Unmorph as soon as the morph ball disappears behind the ledge. This should result in an instant unmorph.

- Press the B(jump) button 3 times rapidly to initiate the falling screw attack.

Sometimes the screw attack animation will be all glitchy and when Samus lands, she will be on her back before she returns to normal.

Other times, though, Samus will seem to immediately be on the ground below, or the animation will be normal...

The timing is pretty tricky. If the glitch doesn't happen, keep trying!

Video hopefully coming soon...

Some more info from Enddor

I did this once a while ago and the Samus screw attack animation froze so Samus was kinda standing up and crouched at the same time.