Main Research Caretaker Screw-up

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Encountered by: Baby Sheegoth

In Main Research (i had at least 35 AR codes on) I decided to go to the Caretaker Drone backwards; I went in did the first 2 floors (Spider Ball Tracks don't work) i moonjumped pressing onto the part that comes out when the red cylinders are destroyed then it stopped reacting to me (??????) and it wouldn't let me out. :( i'm still there too……… (P.O.S.)

NOTE:!! this might not be able to do w/o AR


I've had a problem with this boss WITHOUT AR codes. I did what your meant to do (destroy sonic locks, etc) an the battle started. Round 1 = okay. Round 2 = wrong. The generator came out before any antenas did. I tried boosting into the generator and I went THROUGH the generator. Kept happening & I couldn't proggress. I died 7 minutes later.

This is my first post on this site... Hope it's okay!