Light Suit without Dark Suit

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Discovered by

BoostR, Radix

After you have the Light Beam you can head to Torvus. The max tanks of 4 isn't enough to go through Abandoned Base the normal way, but a ghetto jump lets you skip straight to the portal. The only real obstacles after that are the Boost Guardian, who can be beaten with some luck, and Quadraxis, which wasn't too tough with 9 tanks.

This video shows collecting the Light Suit.

The max percent attainable without fighting Amorbis is 98%, all but the Dark Suit and the Mining Plaza energy tank. It can't be picked up because the sonic emitters don't exist, as the room's entity set changes after you get the Dark Suit.

Once you go fight Amorbis after you already have the Light Suit, weird things happen.


- A forum post about it.

A slight edit by Edward Tohr

I have confirmed that it's not the aquisition of the Dark Suit that changes the Mining Plaza entity set, but rather returning Agon's energy.