Laddered Bomb Jump

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Discovered by: Banks or Devilbit. Not sure which, clarification needed.

ATTN: Video anyone?

The act of "laddering" a bomb jump can be done with nearly all types of bomb jumps. However, the more bombs needed the harder it becomes to do.

To Ladder a bomb jump you need to rock forward in mid air and place the bomb outwards in mid air, then rock back again.

A good(and simplest) example of this would be a laddered double bomb jump(or dbjl for short):

1) Place bomb 1 on the ground.

2) Right before bomb 1 goes off, place bomb 2.

3) When 1 explodes and sends you into the air, press forward slightly and place bomb 3 at the peak of your jump.

4) Now press back slightly as you go back down so you land on bomb 2 as it goes off.

5) Then press forward again so you get sent into bomb 3, then forward and up when it explodes.

So, the bombs in a dbjl would look like this:



with 2 and 1 actually on top of each other.

Using this technique, you can turn any bomb jump into a kind of makeshift "Kinetic Orb Cannon" and cross larger gaps than you could with a normal bomb jump.

Also, you can make a laddered bomb jump a Morphed Bomb Jump.