Kung Fu Samus

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Discovered by: Vincent Core

As we all know, when you hold R, Samus puts her left hand on the cannon to aim. Also, if you switch beams while her hand is on the cannon, she will remove her hand until the cannon finishes switching beams. However, if you let go of R during the animation, Samus won't put her hand back and every time after that you switch beams, Samus' hand will move close to her cannon, but then move back away, making it look as if she is performing a karate chop of some sort!

To fix the glitch, simply hold R so that Samus' hand touches the cannon.

Fear teh Kung Fu Samus!

If you hold R longer in-between the animation, ((not sure exactly how long, but up to the point the animation stops, or slightly before)) then release R, Samus will put her hand on the arm cannon and leave it there.

Note that this is a very picky one - if you L-lock anything or even tap R to the point it's registered as a button-press, it'll undo. But it's interesting to see Samus holding her cannon steady as you move forward, backward, and all over the place. Kenjoki 15:20, 15 Feb 2005 (CST)

Note: This also happens in MP1.