Killing Enemies Faster

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Speed Tricks: Killing Enemies Faster


  • Dark Pirate Commando: Charged Dark Beam + Missile.
  • Grenchler: Power Bomb
  • Ingsmasher: Power Bomb.
  • Pirate Trooper: 4-5 normal Dark Beam shots/Charged Dark Beam.
  • Rezbit: Charged Dark Beam + Missile. (Or, if you have it, Screw Attack)
  • Warrior Ing: Lead near light beacon, then activate it. (Or, use the Annihilator to create a Super Beacon)
  • Pirate Aerotrooper: Super Missile. Barring that, Charged Dark Beam + Missle.
  • Sporb: Morph, unmorph after it opens and then use one or two missiles.
  • Hunter Ing: Screw attack, 2 or 3 charged light beams, or make a Super Beacon.
  • Dark metroid( even if there's no one in our path exept 1 time)Charged Dark beam+ missile or screw attack.
  • Added by MissileWaster
    • This works in the room (I forget the name) where the Splinters are possesed w/out the cutscene. If you can shoot fast enough, you can kill them before they are posessed. You then get to see the darkness possesion stuff act up before it disappears. This helps because it takes a large quantity of firepower on the Dark Splinters.

    Added by USBCD36

    Before you get Power Bombs...

    Grenchler: shoot ground nearby w/charged Dark beam (entangler blast) to freeze, 2nd charged shot to kill

    Another obvious strategy added by Edward Tohr.

    To quickly kill almost anything, simply use a Power Bomb. If something doesn't die automatically, then...

    A. It's a boss. B. You missed. C. You got it while it's invulerable. D. The other player boosted away. :P

    Added by Dark Samus

    If somthing is being a VERY big pain in the butt (boss or regular enemy), use a Darkburst. (Note that cannot get this until you beat the Grapple Guardian)

    Corrected by SheeEttin

    You can get the Darkburst before the Grapple Guardian. You can get it before the Alpha Blogg! All you need is the Seeker Missiles.