Grapple Guardian

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  • Use three uncharged Light Beam shots on the Grapple Guardian's eye to stun him, then fire a charged Light Beam shot into his back (and anything else you can manage to add :). You can use other weapons to stun him if you run out of ammo.
  • When the Guardian tries to grapple you, stand behind a pillar. This will make him grapple the pillar, and allow you to circle around behind him and pump him with charged Light Beam shots.
  • Added by SamusAranLuver

    (If You do however get grapped by GG,lock on and blast one lightbeam at him uncharged and he/she/it will let go of you immediately.)

  • If you get hit by the GG stay behind the pillars across from him to regain health indefinitely.
  • Repeat both until he's dead.
  • Added by LeCoureur103

  • If you are low on Light Beam ammo just before the battle, the hallway before Sacrificial Chamber is full of Ing storage dudes. Shoot them with Dark Beam to score a ton of Light ammo in very little time.
  • Added By SamusAranluver

  • When you stun him/her/it whatever when you dash to his back 1 or 2 super missiles will break his shell thus making the battle faster might be usefull in speed runs.
  • Added By MissileWaster

  • Rapid fire the power beam into it eye (you can probobly get a lot in pretty fast). As soon as it starts to grapple, charge up your power beam. When it grapples the piller, launch a super missile into it back. This will deplete it energy fast. When I did it, it had almost no health left (maybe 1/5 or 1/6) before losing it shell.
  • When you get rid of the shell, fire light beam shots (uncharged) into it's eye. It'll get stunned, allowing you to get around it and fire a charged Light Beam shot in the bare back. It'll take a lot of damage from that.
  • Added By Baby Sheegoth

  • In a Speed Run; getting Grappled by Grapple Guardian saves a fair bit of time of time.