Grapple Glitch

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First Discovered 1:30pm GMT+12 Sunday Feb 13 2005

first Verified location;
Dark Map(light Map)/Ing Hive(sanctuary Fortress)/vault assult portal(vault)

Enter Vault From Grand Abyss and fall forward onto Bridge.
Turn around and activate Dark portal, going though to dark world/ vault assult portal.
once through turn around and reactive portal.
trun back around and aim at nearest grapple point.
lock onto grapple point and walk backwards into portal+
when samus reemerges in the light world her left
arm will be the graple beam animation at time of entering portal.

if the lockon and portal enter are bang on the same time, samus's are mill be limp
as it is just being raised to fire the beam.
waiting 200ms longer will result in her arm being
less limp and a very short beam barly reaching her fingers.
waiting until the beam is actually being fired will result
in her arm being out streached and beam being 1 handlegenth from tip of hand.

samus arm will remain at the same direction/angle it was when samus comes out of the portal.
Unless samus does a screw attack or morphball.
If these moves are used her arm will face
the direction she is facing when she comes out of these moves.
the angle of her arm will also be lowered so that it is at the same angle as her beam.

If samus aims the glitch is removed,
if samus proforms any idle animations the glithc is mostly removed.
except that if the glitch was in the later stages with the beam,
the beam will be stuck in space in the exact position
it was before the idle animation /aiming occured.
the beam will phase in and out of sight.

While not entirly sure, Grapple Beam sound may continue playing.(will investigate)

the glitch can also be profromed at teh other end of the room using the 2nd portal.

at one point i was experimenting and seeing what would
happen if i was standing behind the portal and grappled through it,
unfourtatly, no new affects occur.

In Short;

Activate Portal
Aim at Nearest Grapple Point and press/hold Down and L.
Left arm is Grapple beam animation At time of Portal Entrance

Discovered By Mirddes

Further Discoveries By: MMcLean54

If you walk up to ceratin surfaces (such as the Watch Station Dark Portal), the white "bulb" (?) on your hand can become completely black. This can happen normally while Grappling. Check out Watch Station Access for instance.