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Some ideas for miltiplayer battles.

  • Boost Ball Battles
All players morph and boost into each other. Last one surviving wins.
  • Grapple Gladiators
All players attach to the same grapple point, and fire the Power Beam like crazy. Last one grappling wins
Shooting Gallery variation: Have one player man the turret, the rest swing from the grapple point directly in front of it. Give the Turret a limited number of shots. All players on Grapple point win. If none are attached, then the turret person wins.
  • Cannon Chaos
Go to Sidehopper Station (two players) and each get into the Kinetic Orb Cannons at different times. See how long you can go without dying.
  • Powerbomb Perfection
In this Fun Thing To Do, simply have another player detonate a Power Bomb (or do it yourself), and try to escape, while sustaining the most damage. Player with lowest health and least number of deaths wins.
  • Dark Water Disaster
Go to Shooting Gallery, or any other stage with a substance that damages you, and hop into it. Player with least health and deaths wins. Essentially the above except with acidic stuff instead of powerbombs.
  • Boost Ball Races
Choose a starting point and a finishing point. See ya at the finish line!
  • Grapple Gladiators II
In Shooting Gallery, have someone go to the end grapples (over the orb cannons), and shoot at each other or defend by swinging side to side.
  • Morph Ball Races
Instead of a sprint, pick a starting point and a route, and go around the stage multiple times. (If anyone gets killed, just keep going from where you spawn and keep your current number of laps.)
  • Turret Target Practice
Hit people with the turret only by aiming through small gaps or by aiming as close as possible to corners.
  • Turret Warfare
Put one person in the turret, and the others anywhere. The opponents come at the person in the turret, and try to kill them. The person that kills the one in the turret gets in, and everyone else goes to the starting places. Continue until game ends.