Energy Weirdness

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Encountered by: Tim, Radix, etc.

    The basic thing here is that you can cheat the system into letting you leave a world if you don't return its energy (why you'd want to, I don't know, but anyway). Normally you have telekinetic barriers blocking the entrances and exits to the worlds, and they tell you that the energy cannot leave the world it is bound to. If you wait, and come back to get the Torvus energy later (maybe after getting an early Powerbomb), you can leave via Training Chamber and travel to Sanctuary Fortress. The weird thing is, try and go back to Torvus via the normal entryway (Hall/Path of Eyes), and you can't get in. The door opens, but it's merely an invisible barrier. The other weird part is something I found in Agon Wastes. You can do the same thing here (just leave after getting Dark Suit), and get the energy later, but I found telekinetic locks on all three transports. It struck me as a bit odd that an earlier world would have everything locked up, but a later world wouldn't. No tests have been performed with Sanctuary to see if you can get in/out, and back in or not. A video would be nice, I suppose, but to view the entire Torvus sequence is about 10 minutes. Depends on if anyone feels like recording something like it.