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First form

Weapons of choice: Power Bomb, Light Beam, Super Missile

  1. As soon as the fight begins, morph.
  2. When the tentacles get near you (ideal is when swatting or spinning) use a Power Bomb to instantly destroy 80% to all of the tentacles.
  3. Unmorph and finish off any remaining tentacles with single shots of light beam or missiles. Each tentacle can be destroyed with one Light Beam shot or two Missiles. If he is charging a dark ball, you can prevent it from being shot at you if you destroy all his tentacles.
  4. Begin charging your Power Beam as the core unfolds.
  5. Using careful timing, fire a Super Missile into the gap of the core. If this is too difficult, use charged light beam shots; but beware, this takes much longer.
  6. Carefully strafing to avoid being hit by the red laser, continue to fire super missiles into the core.

It takes 4 Super Missiles to the core to destroy form 1. If you are fast, this can be done in the first round. If you can't squeeze 4 in, repeat steps 1 through 6 until its dead.

Second form

Weapons of choice: Power Bomb and Morph Ball Bomb.

  1. Immediately spider onto the cocoon (scan first if desired) and look for tentacles coming out of golden triangular areas on the body.
  2. When a tentacle exposes itself (black smoke will come out immediately before one is exposed), use a Power Bomb to instantly destroy it.

Ideally, you should take out 2 or 3 tentacles per Power Bomb. If you run out, switch to normal bombs and use those. Be careful of the Inglet puddles clinging to the body as well. These can be destroyed via normal/Power Bombs. If you are low on health, stay toward the top and kill the puddles as they appear.

Third form

Weapons of choice: Annihilator Beam and Missiles or Light Beam

The third form has 4 different forms of attack:

  • Ing Laser Barrage (strafe to avoid)
  • Dark Energy Freeze (strafe to avoid)
  • Shock wave Jump (dash jump to avoid then Space Jump above the shockwave)
  • Charge Attack (morph and boost under his feet)

The third form has a Light- or Dark-aligned core, covered by a shield.

  1. Shield: use Missiles or the Light Beam to destroy the shield.
  2. Light or Dark core: use Annihilator Beam shots.
  3. You can only hit the mouth when it is opened (he randomly will close it), thus a good seeking weapon does ideal damage for the speed. In this case, the Annihilator Beam does best.
  4. If form 3 charges you and you boost under to avoid it, you will have a brief window of opportunity to lock on and fire the appropriate weapon into a small gap in his shell. If you feel lucky enough, a direct hit with a Screw Attack will cause large amounts of damage.
  5. Should you run out of ammo, the Emperor Ing will sometimes makes a cloud of Nightbarbs. If you destroy this cloud, it will drop about 40 to 60 light ammo. (There is a corresponding cloud of white orbs that drop Dark ammo.) This allows you to resupply quickly and switch back to the Annihilator.

Emperor Ing (hard mode) tips

NOTE: this is written under the assumption you have collected 100% items. Form 3 is very difficult on hard mode if Light/Dark Beam Ammo is not conserved. Therefore, do not use any Light/Dark Beam Ammo until Form 3.

Fist form

When the tentacles are above you, use Super Missles to destroy them as long as they are not whipping around violently (which prevents the Missile's seeking capability from working). This form doesn't deal too much damage, and life can be obtained in Form 2. Just dodge to the best of your ability without moving too much; stay on one of the circle emblems on the floor. This allows you to pick off the tentacles quickly.

When you destroy the tentacles, lock on to the eye, get as close as possible, and use Super Missles. Being close lowers your chance of missing, but make sure to strafe to avoid the beam. Also note that after every hit, the eye changes its direction of rotation.

Second form

Use Power Pombs to destroy all of the tentacles except one. Be sure to avoid the Inglets. When there is one tentacle remaining, go around to the opposite side. Stay here and let the Inglets come to you. This allows you to get energy and Missles back. Move to the top when the toxic gas rises, but continue to destroy Inglets. When the gas recedes, move back down. Repeat until your life is full and you have 100 or more Missiles, then destroy the last tentacle. Note that you can only gather life for several cycles of the toxic gas rising and receding; after a while, the gas will envelop the whole area, and you will be forced to destroy the last tentacle.

Third form

Keep your distance, and use Super Missles to attack the shield. 2-3 of them should destroy it. Switch to the Annihilator Beam and mash the A button. Stop shooting and take the appropriate action if:

  • The mouth closes,
  • The Emperor Ing starts shuffling his legs, or
  • The shield reappers.

As on Normal, if you run out of ammo, the Emperor Ing will spew a cloud of Nightbarbs or a swarm of Light orbs.

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An image of the gap in the Emperor Ing's shell