Early Sanctuary Fortress from first GFMC Compound Visit

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Using the technique from the 101% Collection Rate diddy, in the GFMC Compound early in the game, you can go to the Sanctuary Fortress door instead of getting the missile launcher and activating the cut-scene.

The gate blocking the door isn't there, so you can just go through it. You can't get very far, though.


You can get a few scans early. Isn't that a bonus? Anyway. Immediately after the cutscene when Samus bends down to touch the trooper's helmet, if you hold left and look for the Translator door, it doesn't appear until a second after. I'm assuming that this means the Missile Launcher, Map Station doors, or Kinetic Orb Cannon and little friend the scan post don't appear until after, either. --SheeEttin 09:54, 19 Jul 2005 (CDT)