Disappearing Dark Bloggs

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Encountered by: Tim, SheeEttin

NOTE: requires Gravity Boost, and possibly Spider Ball - it depends on whether or not you can reach the Bomb Slot without using the magnetic rail (See Torvus Bog: Training Chamber for a description of the ghetto jump required).

I don't know if other people have discovered this or not, but it struck me as just a bit odd. When in Training Chamber, and the Dark Bloggs spawn, you can get them to completely vanish by activating the statue (that in turn reveals the Missile Expansion). I've tried it three times, and all three times after bombing the Slot, the Dark Bloggs completely vanished (no death sound effect or anything - just *poof*).

If you hate fighting them, then I guess this is pretty useful. I guess it has something to do with the statue resetting the room, much like Skipping Energy Controllers.

Edit by Tim: Note that this only works the first time through, because the Dark Bloggs will respawn if you leave and come back, so I guess don't use this unless you're getting the Missile Expansion and heading to Sanctuary *shrug*

from MetroidObserver: I saw, in the same room, when you reenter it after getting grapple beam (i belive)and can encounter the dark bloggs for the first time, if you kill the larva off from behind one of the mesh screens then jump over, the ing possesiion thing will come in and possess: thin air :)