Dark Torvus Bog: Crypt

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Discovered by: Several people (all seperately)

Ghetto jump on the cord that runs up the laser cannon in the Crypt and stand on top of the laser. From there, jump to the door to skip the entire go to gathering hall -> open portal in gathering hall -> return to crypt and raise platforms sequence.


  • Touching the top of the light world laser hurts you. You can't stand on it either. :(

That's suspicious……Maybe Retro WANTS us finding SB's. Hmm…

  • Actually you CAN stand on the one in the light world =P

From Tim

This has probably been found before, but I never have seen it here, so nyah. I'll make a video of it tomorrow, I hope. Anyway, instead of Ghetto Jumping on the cord, do this. From the safe zone, head right and jump onto the short raised platform. SJ again to land by the Spinner. Activate it so that the laser switches position in the Light World, then SJ back so you land on top of the "hanging cage" of the platform below you; so that you're standing against the bars suspending this thing from the ceiling. From where you are, you should be able to turn back around and simple Space Jump to land on top of the laser emitter, without having to waste a few tries Ghetto Jumping up there.