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Discovered by

Prime Hunter (No vids of this however)

I found that if you use Charged Dark Beam shots on her, the amount of damage dealt is a whole lot more than if you use Super Missiles or the Light Beam (Strange that the Dark Beam is very effective against Dark Samus, but... this proves that DS is a light/dark being hybrid!) I used almost my entire 100 ammo, but the battle was very quick this way (On normal difficulty).

PROTIP: More damaged is done by Charged Dark Beam, if DS2 is standing still. Charged Dark Beam sends out little bubbles that follow the target and do damage when they actually are touching the target. If DS2 moves, the bubbles will have to move to catch up to her/him/it and thus less damage will be done.

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If you stay near the wall at all times you can see all DS2's attacks and dodge them, most notably the Boost Ball Attack. It's fun to sit there while DS ricochets all over the place. If it comes near you just double jump and strafe along the wall to shoot DS. To buy you time to get away from DS if it comes too close just shoot individual missiles, she'll block them with a shield as you get away.

Discovered by

lots of people probably, but LeCoureur103 is posting it

If you shoot DS2 while she is doing her Boost Ball Attack, she will STOP boosting. This is in stark contrast to the actual Boost Guardian, who does NOT stop boosting if you shoot him.

Discovered by

Dark Samus

having 150 beam ammo helps ALOT in hard mode. But in either case, the Darkburst is very effective and does alot of damage[especially in normal mode in which case ou will instantly be at the top of the aerie] but be absolutly SURE that you will hit her or you will waste 30 beam ammo[and no one wants that]. Only charged beams will force her out of the boost ball so use the light beam for this purpose

attack damage/name:

Phazon Laser:20 spreadshot beam:3-85[it can hit multiple times] super missle:165 head smash:140 Phazon spreader[this is very similar to the ice spreader in mp1]*:153 missle:30 boost ball:56 Phazon pillar[shield]:30

  • she only uses this after a boost ball or when she de-forms[invisible]