Dark Samus 1

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Boss Tricks: Dark Samus 1

Discovered by

Ajbolt89, Several people

Attention: Does this really need a video, or do you think it's self-explanatory enough? :\


  • When she starts her shinespark-esque attack, if you Space Jump high enough with your back against the wall, she'll hit the wall instead of the floor, and she won't have to recover. This is much faster than the normal way of doing this.
  • When she starts her "Phazon Ball Attack," go behind a pillar. She'll slam into it, making her vulnerable. Be careful, because she may go through the pillar and into you.
  • Added by MissileWaster

  • If you fire a missile at her, that will cancel out any attack that she was about to do. It works because she goes into her shield instead of the attack, thus cancelling out the attack.
  • Added by Vincent Core

  • Different from the above tactic, if you can hit Dark Samus with a missile while she is firing at you (during her first phase when she doesn't hover to fire) she will be damaged and knocked back, thus ending her attack before it begins.

Added by Dark Samus

The only weapon you really need to use the whole fight is the charge beam. [<< What's with this guy?]

You can have as much as 3 energy tanks[vital repuirment] and 55 missles but you actually only need 20-35.