Dark Agon Wastes: Battleground

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Discovered By

Darth Nat

Jump on the Ingclaw to the right of the green door. From here, look up and jump to the ledge with two Ing guys. Then just Screw Attack on over to the Flying Ing Cache's ledge, and kill him to claim the Sky Temple Key. This lets you bypass all the floating platforms.

Althernate Route Discovered by


  • Stand in the light bubble in the center, look to the door leading to Double Path.
  • About 45º to the right are two bladepods. Jump on top of them and then jump up to the higher level (still facing Double Path). Then turn around to face Warrior's Walk (and where the Ing Cache is).
  • On the right side of the room is a ledge. You would land on it if you took the floating platforms as well. Anyway, screw attack and land on it.
  • Screw Attack to the ledge with the Cache is to collect your key.