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Discovered by: at least tjp7154

Throughout the game, there are some corners you get stuck in if you jump into them and hold the L button down and the control stick forward. If you release the L button, press R button, or move away from the corner, Samus will fall back down.

BUT, if you continue holding the control stick forward toward the corner, Samus will SLOWLY rise.

One example is in Bioenergy Production. It is located at the entrance to the spider ball track by the Gamma power storage rack position monitor. Right next to the left of the track is a little gap that has such a corner.

You need QuickTime to view the video: Video(-LOW- quality)

I apologize if this is hard to understand. It's actually easier than I make it sound...

Flamancipator's edit: This idea is used for SW66, Transport to Temple Grounds (Sanctuary Fortress) where you push yourself into two bars running upwards and you'll slowly float upwards, out into the Secret World.

Cr@73n's edit: Just a thought. I think this technique makes you rise because you're far enough through the wall for the game to consider you in a secret world. If you're just messing around sometime and you get into a secret world, try getting a pretty good distance from the room and just leaving the game for about 10 minutes. You'll find yourself a lot higher than when you started. That's also one way to get back into the room after you get a power bomb right after space jump. Note: If you're not far enough from the room, you'll just float up a certain distance and fall back down. You sorta have to experiment to find a good place to do it.