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Posted by: SAL!

There are many controllers for the Nintendo Gamecube system but I use two of them. If you use one please post a summary of it and the name of it here. Some of these controllers might change the game play. Further research still needs to be done but this is all I have for now. PLEASE ADD MORE STUFF and controllers thanks!

Standrad nintendo game cube controller

I think its the best on cause is big enough to hold and is small enough to carry around. Good for rapid fire too. SuperPad

My favorite preferiblr one is the super pad controller. Pros: biger and buttons are more big so you can press all buttons easly. Cons:Too big for portable use and some buttons don't exactally work as well as the original standard game cube controller. Recomened for biger hand people but still wouldn't preferit for other people.


This controller is my least favorite but fav for my bro cause he has little fingers Pros: light and very portable nad has micro so u don't prees the buttons wher u don't need to. Cons: buttons are small and too close together and can easly cause pressing more that two buttons and for some reson theres an extra button M like the Z but on the opposite pressing all the buttons such as Y, A, B, and X and L+M, and R+Z. But this is only recomended for smaller hand player which I don't think there are alot.

All Turbo Controllers

If you have a controller that is always set to turbo (some have a button on the L button side where the Z button would be instead of having it always on), you will not be able to use the charge beam because when you hold down A to charge, the turbo function will cause you to just use rapid fire the beam (or do the effect of pressing the button very fast many times in a row). So beware.