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Discoverd by SAL

If you charged a beam that cost ammo and you have to use another one don't fire it! you can do the following depending on the situation your in.

A. morph and the beam will be saved or B.use any finger u wish and while still holding the buttons go underneat tit and swich

sorry im in a rush but more will come!

Um I don't think this section has anything to do with controllers.

Underneath... tit? You can simply switch to another beam.

Here's a rare (but neat) little trick:
Say you're in Dark Aether, and you need to go to Aether. YOu have plenty of Light Ammo, and you're out of Dark Ammo. YOu want to be very conservative, and not use up your Light Ammo. What do you do? Switch to the A-Beam, charge, and fire. You don't lose any ammo, and the portal opens! (You can also do this the other way around, Aether to Dark Aether) --SheeEttin