Boost Guardian

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These tricks also work on Hard Mode.

-Anytime Boost Guardian is in Boost Ball mode, if you can hit him with a bomb, he will immediately revert to his vulnerable "red puddle" form. Since there's so little of him to hit, however, you either have to get dangerously close or have excellent timing, as only the "bomb jump" point of the blast will count. Otherwise just hit him with bombs once he reverts to the puddle and chases you. In normal mode exactly nine bombs will disable him.

-If Boost Guardian rams into one of the four pillars in the room, he will destroy it, reverting to the red puddle and leaving behind an Ultra Energy pickup. Stay behind one to stay safe, get health, or catch him off guard.

-in Boost Mode, the guardian tends to travel in complete triangular paths. Knowing this, you can get a good sense of where to be in order to not get rammed.

-Charged Light Shots are faster and ultimately more effective than Super Missiles, especially in Hard Mode.

-If you want to get a Logbook Scan, wait until you've killed him. When he begins his death animation you'll have just enough time to get a complete scan.

--Dart Zaidyer 09:55, 30 Nov 2004 (CST)

Also, positioning yourself so there is a pilliar between the Boost Guardian and you will protect you, and possibly get you an ultra energy. I have found this way an easy way to beat him (2 tries)

--USBCD36 22:39, 26 Dec 2004 (CST)

Kinda useful trick submitted by Edward Tohr, but discovered by his friend: Any time the Boost Guardian is in his Solid form puddle mode (Black puddle), you can still hit him. This may be able to reduce the number of times he goes into boost mode, which is always a good thing.