Agon Wastes: Portal Terminal

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Discovered by True Diehard Gamer

- Activate the bomb slot and go up the morph ball elevator like normal, until you get to the first block that you're supposed to bomb. You want to push yourself up against it while rolling out of the tunnel, aiming for the ledge below, while unmorphing during the fall. Then from there jump over to the morph ball tunnel while holding L. You should be standing on the side of the tunnel. Now jump toward the the block you bomb, but not too close. You should be standing pretty close to the block. From there push up against the wall while moving forward. Now begin to morph and start bombing before you fall completely. If done right, you should have blown up the block and triggered the cutscene.

Notes: I tried going through the puzzle backwards for a faster time with a diagonal dbjm, and regular dbj up the chute, but apparently Retro made it where you can't bomb the blocks from the back, only the front.