Agon Wastes: Mining Station B

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video here

Discovered by Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet's own description:

Alright, woot. As you know, to get the Darkburst, you are supposed to get that helicopter blade started after doing the morph ball timed puzzle, then somehow (I forget the normal way) get to the portal above it, then take the portal, then go through 2 rooms in Dark Aether, then take a portal to Light Aether, and then go back through those 2 rooms to grab the Darkburst.

Well, that isn't necessary. After doing my ghetto jump to get on top of the blade (on the end away from the portal by like jumping left into those rocks, then up), don't go into the portal.

Instead, if facing the portal, the Darkburst is on your left. See that bar on the "tower" thing the blade is connected to? Well, face the Dark Beam and ghetto jump the bigger metal part and the very top thing (goes outward), and try to Screw Attack at the very peak of your jump.

What's strange is when you get the Darkburst this way, the little "ooh new toy" cinema wasn't even shown, nor was "Darkburst Acquired!"

It seems like a real pain to get off, but it's extremely worth it; it saves going to the portal, through Trial Grounds, through the Dark Transit Station, using the portal in Duelling Range to get behind those bars in Mining Plaza, and going through Transit station to pick the Darkburst up, probably saving about 2 minutes.

I did record myself getting it, so it's all good...and I picked up 5 items on the way before I saved, including Darkburst, and went from 71%-76%, so it still counts and stuff.

You still have to do the 2 bomb slots puzzle though, so the blade is raised high enough.

You can also skip the dark world part of the puzzle without Screw Attack.

Raise the blade by setting off both bomb slots. Stand on the blade on the side with the bars in the wall. L-jump up to a standable spot against the second thin bar to the right. Now simply space jump to the platform sticking out of the wall and then to the DarkBurst.

Video here

Aside: You can reach a ledge leading to the tunnel to the blade from above by a single bomb BS jump if you don't have Boostball.

Video here

Description and videos by SkippyJr

Discovered by bartendorsparky

By far the fastest method is the one used by Sparky in his world record 100% speed run. It consists of screw attacking off a 3bsj to the Darkburst ledge (from the unraised blade).

See segment 22 of his run for video.