Agon Wastes: Main Reactor Missile Expansion

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Requirements: Screw Attack, Spider Ball

Here is a method primarily for 100% runs that allows you to skip most of the spiderball tracks en route to the missile expansion. A video might be helpful if someone with the means to do so wants to make one.

  • Start at the upper level of the room, with your back to the dark door. There is a hole in the glass.
  • Space jump to the top of the large cylinder in the middle of the room. It helps to be slightly to one side when you jump through the glass, otherwise you will hit a small pice of rock in the ceiling and won't make it to the cylinder.
  • Look towards the second piston/spiderball track from the right (it dips down lower than the two tracks on either side. Screw Attack into the cage area around this piston.
  • You will take damage from the phazon at the bottom of this cage area, but if you are quick, you won't take too much. Go into morphball mode and do a Double Bomb Jump, while holding R to use spider ball to attatch to the piston. The piston must be at its lowermost point to reach it.
  • Boost onto the last piston and then to the missile expansion as usual.
  • Note that it is possible to screw attack into the rightmost piston cage, but a dbj isn't high enough to reach either the piston or the gap that leads to the missile expansion. Someone with knowledge of a TRHbj or other advanced bomb technique might be able to make it over.

By bartendorsparky: you could also screw attack right into the little hole to the right, where you would normally exit.