Agon Wastes: Central Mining Station

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Discovered by: bartendorsparky

Note: This is an alternate method for the second part of the trick. The main method (and first part of the trick) is described and demonstrated on the site main Echoes page.

Main Items Required: Space Jump

Description: Jump just onto the narrow ledge to the right of the post, then ghetto jump across the gap to the ledge with the morphball tunnel. See the video.

Notes: The ghetto effect is from a tiny bump on the ledge. If you jump too late, you may notice hitting the bump before you jump. In this case you probably won't make it. The jump must be initiated just before the bump. You won't see the bump, but you will probably make it to the ledge. (Assuming an efficient jump.)

Video: ghetto jump (Outside link, AVC (h.264) encoded mp4)

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Agon Wastes: Central Mining Station